Now Give Me One Last Big Push

As you near the end of labor, someone, be it nurse or doctor or midwife inevitably say these words, “Now, give me one last BIG push”.   It’s what we need to hear, an encouragement that this will not last forever. I was at that point with my third child when my doctor starting singing, “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain”. That’s right. I thought about kicking him. He was in close proximity. Really though, I just needed it to be over.

That’s how I’m feeling with this school year. It’s been a really good year. We’ve completed a couple of subjects, are close on a few more. Religious Ed. and Explorer’s are wrapping up. I find myself wasting my days. I’m not playing with my children like it’s summer, but we aren’t accomplishing as much as we typically do “during school”.

I think what I need is just one last big push. I need to finish up strong. Complete what needs to be completed and achieve that clear ending. I’m afraid if I let our days slowly morph into lazy days of summer that we won’t really complete the last few things that need done.

How do you achieve that last big push? Do you tighten the reigns and buckle down, or do you slowly let go of the schedule and relax into summer? I’d love to hear how other families get through the final days of the school year.

3 thoughts on “Now Give Me One Last Big Push

  1. Terry Brennan April 30, 2015 / 4:22 am

    Welcome to the blogosphere Erin! This is super insightful. We’ll wind down from 4 serious study (math/writing) days per week to just 2 in the Summer. Not loosening up yet…through May I think.


  2. Sandy Quinn May 2, 2015 / 1:24 pm

    This post is so timely, Erin! Thank you! It’s fun to hear how things are progressing in your home school. Another year almost tucked away… and this one with a one-year-old in the mix!

    I can’t wait to hear others’ stories of transition. At our house, we have yet to finished even one subject by June 1. I’m awed to hear whenever others do! It sounds idyllic. 🙂 We are usually nearing the end (at various rates for different subjects) as June arrives. We slow our pace down dramatically for summer, finishing up and reviewing as the summer progresses.

    It’s fun to look forward to summer routines! One summer Elia and Wes made a Book Worm to highlight and celebrate their effort in reading (it hasn’t been Elia’s easist subject!). We printed out silly worm heads and decorated them. Elia and Wes were able to add circles to their Worms whenever they read (or were read to) a new book during the summer. It was fun to watch their Book Worms grow!

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  3. patticousino May 12, 2015 / 3:18 pm

    Well said, Erin! There is something about May that feels like it is time for everything to stop. or at least take a big breath, before that last push. And today I had better send in my class description before I lose momentum all together.


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