Welcome to your new blog, Explorers families!

We’re looking for contributors who can share experiences or reflections that might benefit our homeschooling community. This could really be a unique resource if we stick to that simple formula–If it could possibly be helpful, share it! Had a big success or failure that could be instructive for others? Let us know! Want to discuss big ideas that could help each of us clarify our vision of a successful educational experience? Bring it on! Are you aware of an upcoming opportunity that you know to be worth the time/money? Don’t keep it to yourself!

Hopefully we can walk the fine line between those things and venting, preaching to the choir, or sharing the excruciating details of our Christmas vacations (just set up your own WordPress site if you’d like to indulge those impulses–it only took me about 10 minutes and I am a notorious tech flunky.) When in doubt though, let’s err on the side of posting stuff. Most blogs fail for lack of content.

Thanks to Rachael for seeing this opportunity (and generally doing an awesome job). If you have blog questions or if you’d like to submit something, please let me know, as she has plenty on her plate.

Blessings to everyone for a great New Year!