Best of: Grandparent Wisdom

Grandparents are famously inclined to give parenting advice, and for the most part, we’d be pretty dumb not to listen. Some of their pearls become especially well-worn in the day-to-day of homeschooling; for example, my mom once made the frank and humorous observation that:

“It takes a long time to civilize a human being.” 

The sanity-retaining power of this mantra can hardly be overstated. It is my mental go-to move when confronted with the inexplicable acts of my children who I know are smart enough to have not just done whatever they just did. It reminds me that you’re supposed to have to tell them the same thing a thousand times–that’s just how it works!–so no use being upset about it. Many angry tirades have been checked by her ten extremely well-chosen words. What a wonderful gift.

Now, while I’m pretty sure my mom actually is the smartest one out there, perhaps we’ll see she has some competition. Please drop your best homeschooling grandparent wisdom in the comments, and it will be like having an army of grandmas on your side.